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Have you heard of Almost Naked Animals Magazine?

Titan Launches Almost Naked Animals Magazine

Titan Launches Almost Naked Animals Magazine previewBased on the hugely popular animated series, the new official Almost Naked Animals Magazine is bound to keep you entertained. Check out the eye-poppin’, cheek-creasin’, brain-fizzlin’ things we’ve made especially for YOU!

Plus, there are FREE Almost Naked Animals stickers!

Join the fun at the Banana Cabana…on sale now at all good retailers.
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On sale now, the official Almost Naked Animals Magazine is essential reading for fans of the hilarious show! Check out the awesome content:

Meet the Banana Cabana Gang! We introduce you to the whole gang including: Howie, Bunny, Piggy, Sloth, Duck, Dirk Danger, Octo, Narwhal, Batty, and Poodle. Find out about their jobs, loves, dislikes and some random funny facts!
Comic Strip: ‘Oughta Be Water’ When the water gets tampered with by Batty and Poodle the hotel faces an angry mob… Howie comes up with an excellent plan to save the business and keep the guests happy, with a little help from his friends of course!
Duck Presents… Prizes and Punchlines Duck likes free things, and we know you do too! So we have a very special section where you can win some awesome Almost Naked Animals stuff, AND
FREE Almost Naked Animals stickers!

Almost Naked Animals – The Official Magazine
On sale NOW!
Available from local bookstores, newsstands and comic book stores! Also available at Click here to purchase your copy today!

Almost Naked Animals TM and associated characters, trademarks and design elements, are owned by 9 Story Entertainment TM Inc. © 2012 9 Story Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed by 9 Story Enterprises Inc.

Check out this cute NEW Toy Story short featuring Partysaurus Rex

Rex from Toy Story knows how to party!
The toys are back! Disney*Pixar’s brand-new Toy Story Toon, PARTYSAURUS REX, will run in theaters before FINDING NEMO 3D starting September 14th. This adorable short is directed by Mark

Walsh, produced by Kim Adam, and is the third installment of Toy Story Toons.

It looks hilarious!

Are your boys into the Power Rangers? New DVD set to release on Sept. 21st!



Is it just me or has power rangers been around forever? My boys have liked it in phases, some days they love it, some days they don’t. However, since it has been around forever I can find toys on eBay that may be quite old but my boys will play with them all the same as if they were new. I heard MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: SEASON 1, VOLUME 1 is being released on August 21st on DVD! I’m sure it won’t be long before they drag me up to the video store and rent it the second it becomes available!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1 – Clip 1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1 – Clip 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1 – DVD Trailer

Did you know they make Frosted Sugar Cookie Pudding???



Do your kids love pudding or is it just mine? Have you tried the Bakery Shop puddings? SOOO yummy! I especially love Tapioca, but my kids are loving the Banana Creme Pie. Just see for yourself! 20120827-235455.jpg


Here’s where Cohen get’s crazy! He went all slow-mo for me so I could get “action shots”. I think his goal was to see how much he could fit into his mouth!







Then after Cutler ate 2 in a row he promptly passed out!


So here’s what it looks like if you’re trying to find it on the shelf.

One of the things I liked was that each snack pack has as much calcium as an 8oz glass of milk! That’s great since my boys don’t drink much milk without a tummy ache, but this doesn’t doesn’t seem to hurt their tummy’s at all! If I wanted one as a snack, which I often do, it’s only 110 calories! That keeps me on track since I’m counting my calories!

A 4-pack sells for about $1.12! That’s pretty cheap! It even works on my budget!

My favorite flavor:

Chocolate Cupcake

Are you kidding me? Chocolate cupcake? That’s to die for!

Apple Pie a la Mode

With fall being right around the corner I can see this being my new after dinner snack.

Frosted Sugar Cookie

OMG! Don’t even get me started!

So I’ll be buying a few of each of these for after school snacks or to pack in their lunches. I plan on buying some Frosted Sugar Cookie Snack Packs and hiding them in the vegetable drawer and keep them for myself. The kids will never think to look there!

So what’s your favorite snack to pop into your kids lunches? What’s your sweet treat?

The kids can’t get enough of The Lorax! We’ve seriously watched it at least 4 times a day since Tuesday!

The kids can't get enough of The Lorax! We've seriously watched it at least 4 times a day since Tuesday!
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If you haven’t heard of Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax let me give you a synopsis: A young 12 year old boy named Ted from Thneedville sets out to find a tree to earn the love of a girl. To do this he must reach out to the grumpy Lorax (voice by Danny DeVito). The Lorax speaks for the trees of Truffula valley. The adventure is filled with comedy and heart. The movie is 1 hour and 27 minutes long and appropriate for kids of all ages!

If you purchase the Blu-Ray combo pack you will receive 3 mini movies.

The mini movies are Serenade, Wagon-Ho, and Forces of Nature.

The combo pack contains a Blu-ray disc, DVD, a digital copy film compatible with iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices, as well as UltraViolet.

The extras include: making of the mini movie, deleted scene, Seuss to screen, Seuss it up (drawing tutorial), Truffula Run game, Let it Grow sing along, feature commentary and Once-Ler’s wagon game. So as you can see the combo pack is WELL worth the money! The Blu-ray even has an exclusive game called Get out of Town, O’Hare TV commercials, and Expedition to Truffula Valley.

I’m really wishing I had a Blu-ray player right about now.

If you are a player of the app Draw Something here is a cute tutorial on “How To Draw A Humming-Fish” Bonus Feature

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax will appear for one week as a subject to be drawn in Draw Something. Players will also be provided a free Dr. Suess’ The Lorax color palette, typically earned through credits or purchased by the player, to be used in all game play. Additionally, Words With Friends will feature special Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax words to play during this promotion to benefit local schools across the United States.

Have you seen it yet?

Dino Lingo Sampler DVD Review

We were able to try out Dino Lingo Sampler DVD as part of our Mom Vox Box from Influenster.

From their website:

It is as easy as child’s play and works like magic.

Dino Lingo is an interactive language learning program for children.
Fueled by a child’s own imagination, kids learn a new language through
interactive teaching techniques that incorporate play and storytelling and
encourage your child to start speaking it almost immediately.

Learning English for children – ESL – Animals song from on Vimeo.

Would you like to try Dino Lingo out before you buy? You can try out sample lessons by clicking here.

The kids were fascinated when they watched it. Cutler already likes dinosaurs so this was not a difficult sell!

Here’s a short video of the kids and their reactions:

Sorry for the crappy lighting. I’m learning a new video editing program and clearly haven’t mastered it yet.

Interact on Facebook and on Twitter for honest discussion with people just like you that have made the investment!


GoGo SqueeZ releases 2 new flavors!!!

You all know by now that my boys are HUGE fans of GoGo SqueeZ! Well they have 2 new flavors! Apple Mango and Apple Berry! That brings their flavor choices up to 7!

The other flavors available are:

  • Apple Apple
  • Apple Strawberry
  • Apple Banana
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Apple Peach

My boys love all 7 flavors. They honestly don’t have one they dislike. They are portable and don’t have to be refrigerated until after they’ve been opened! This makes them the perfect portable snack! These are perfect for those summer sports snacks too!

I took these pictures with Instagram, GoGo SqueeZ is on Instagram too! @GoGoSqueez.

Have a question or want to see some honest feedback? Check out their Facebook page for that.

Want to interact with them? Have a chat on twitter.

Want to follow them in the media? Then subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

I love that it’s a healthy snack for my kids. Amidst all the chaos of daily life, this makes things a little simpler for me.

How using a resume can give encouragement and pride in your kids.

Do you have a current resume? I’ve always been big on creating an awesome resume. I even took a class at community college that consisted entirely of creating resumes. It’s really important to make sure you showcase all that you have to offer. It’s important that the resume is organized and easy to follow. Meaning that there needs to be clear, concise headings that are easily identifiable. Such as: education, work history or work experience, interests/awards, and whatever else you find essential.

Most important thing? It needs to fit on one page. Why? Because if a potential employer has to weed through hundreds of resumes in one afternoon yours needs to be simple, eye catching, and to the point. A 2-3 page resume is simply too much. It will be overwhelming to have to sort through pages of information when everyone else’s resume has been simplified. Wondering about references? Never include them on your resume or with your resume. If they are interested in you they will call you and ask for your references, then you will know of their interest. I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that someone was checking up on me and calling my references and have no knowledge of it. Always include a bottom line on your resume that says: References available upon request. Leave it at that.

That got me thinking, why not create resumes for my kids? Why not showcase their special skills, accomplishments and achievements? Are you wondering what you’d include? You need to get this book:

Resumes for Children is created by Donna Kristine Manley (Kris). Here is a snippet of what the books about:

Choosing activities that provide your child with life skills as well as build character is a key element to their success. Documenting those activities is also a key element to their success. Why? Keeping before them a present visual reminder of their activities, accomplishments, etc., gives encouragement, pride in what they do and have done. It also allows them to see how well they have progressed over the years. In other words, you will assist your child in “behaving” their way to success.

A resume for a child:

  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Presents a child in such a way that others will want to invest in that child
  • Shows that a child’s accomplishments go beyond his or her report card
  • Affirms the importance of what a child does

Kris Manley wrote this wonderful guide, Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under, because she saw a missing piece. Parents talk about their children’s activities, accomplishments, awards, and challenges, but most parents don’t document them. Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old andUnder gives parents a great start because a child will someday need a resume. So let’s be proactive and begin early.

Best Flower Buds Doll review

Have you seen these Best Flower Buds? Aren’t they cute? This one is called Blossom.

Available on Toys R Us for $19.98 for the 15″ doll, the 5″ doll is currently $4.98. They are available in:

Violet: Best Flower Buds 15 inch Doll - Violet -  Jay at Play - Toys"R"Us

Poppy: Best Flower Buds 15 inch Doll - Poppy -  Jay at Play - Toys"R"Us

Daisy: Best Flower Buds 15 inch Doll - Daisy -  Jay at Play - Toys"R"Us

Iris: Best Flower Buds 5 inch Doll - Iris -  Jay at Play - Toys"R"Us

Blue Belle: Best Flower Buds 9 inch Doll - Blue Belle -  Jay at Play - Toys"R"Us

We were sent Blossom to try out and I gifted it to my best friend’s daughter Nora. It’s a super cute doll that any girl is sure to love. When you open her up completely the pot tucks under the skirt and makes the skirt full.

* Disclosure: I received this item for review from Jay at Play. All opinions are my own.


Cutler and his Happy Napper Dragon.

Have you seen these cute little transforming stuffed animals? Happy Nappers?

Right now they are 25% off! Just $14.99 + shipping and handling. Cutler got to try out the Dragon Happy Napper and he LOVES it! Just watch and see:

This would make a great gift for a birthday for any child boy and girl alike! Order today while they are still on sale! Click here for a special deal that will allow you to enter the Promo Code: SPECIAL4U to get FREE shipping!!!

If you make a purchase you should know that a portion of all Happy Nappers’ proceeds will be given to the Home Sweet Home Fund benefiting the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

* Disclosure: I received this item for review from Jay at Play. All opinions are my own.

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